Grávalos Group, cardioprotected area

At the Grávalos Group, the safety and health of our team is an indisputable priority. For this reason, and after taking the necessary steps, we are officially registered as a cardioprotected area, as stated in the Autonomous Map of the Government of Aragon.

logo instituto aragones cardioporteccin

This implies having several automatic external defibrillators (AED) in our facilities, as well as personnel trained in first aid and CPR to act quickly and effectively if necessary.

Thus, in the Grávalos group, the concept of “improvement” affects our manufacturing, industrialization or machinery processes, but we take it a step further: it is also something that we transfer to the well-being of each of the professionals who are part of the company. and, ultimately, to anyone who is in our facilities.

We are part of the clusters:

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