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fachada gr

A family-owned multinational company

This is the definition with which we feel most comfortable and which identifies us 100%, it perfectly encompasses everything we are, what our trajectory has been, where we are heading and why you can have absolute confidence in us.

Our beginnings date back to a small workshop that opened its doors more than 75 years ago, which each generation strived to improve, until reaching the present time in full development and continuous growth.

We are currently present in Spain, Poland and the free zone of Morocco, with more than 400 collaborators working with us, making the purpose “technical exigency, human excellence” a reality. This is possible thanks to a high degree of effort and commitment throughout the organization.

The Grávalos group is currently managed by the third generation of the family.

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We are part of the clusters:

We manufacture your products through the most demanding processes and we accompany you throughout the process. Do you want to know how?

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