Gravesa, our youngest plant, opened in 2020 in record time despite the difficulties of the moment, with the direct support of the Moroccan government, in the exceptional free zone of Tangier.

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Strategic location

Its location in the northern part of Morocco, next to the Strait of Gibraltar, allows us not only to supply national customers but also, thanks to its fast maritime connection with the south of Europe, to other countries such as Spain, France and the European continent in general.

At Gravesa, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment guarantee the group’s quality standards, thus becoming part of the growing industry in North Africa. In fact, one of its great strengths is having the necessary technologies for the manufacture of induction parts, something that is almost non-existent in the area.
A competent local team works in close coordination with the central services to ensure the same level of quality in all management and operational processes.

We are part of the clusters:

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