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In the Grávalos Group we take care of all the phases in the manufacture of technical injection and induction parts, from prototyping to the final product, applying the most rigorous methodologies to achieve the technical quality you expect: the one we demand from ourselves.

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We accompany and support you from the initial phase of each project. In this first stage we manage the manufacturing of the necessary prototypes, either for testing, validation or design tests of your products.

You have on your side the recognized experience and high technical knowledge of our team, in addition to the latest technology so that everything is perfectly controlled from the first minute.

Product design support

We get involved with you in the design of your product to guarantee its manufacturability, both in the injection and assembly parts. And, if necessary, our team can request design corrections if this can help you achieve even better results.

This is one of our ways of accompanying you in the manufacture of technical parts or complete solutions in plastic injection and induction and to ensure that, in all cases, we guarantee a solution that meets the highest demands.

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Process design

Thanks to the knowledge accumulated during more than 75 years and a constant work in innovation, we completely design the process that will include both the injection and the assembly parts according to the requirements you indicate us.

We define from scratch the assembly line necessary for the perfect manufacturing of your product: what capacities it must have, what workstations are necessary, and the steps it will be composed of.

This is a complex but fundamental phase that plays in your favor in a very important way, since it has a direct impact on the quality of your product, its manufacturing cost, production time and compliance with the necessary requirements.


Whether we are talking about assembly and assembly processes or integration into the final product, we guarantee rigorous compliance with the objectives in the industrialization phase, which can only lead to excellent results.

Through the new projects department, we design the industrialization process based on the drawings you provide us with and we take care of covering the necessary phases to make it all work: media management, molds, internal and external construction and validation tests.

This way, from the very first moment, we ensure that your parts leave the assembly line according to the required specifications, without any failure. Because, quite simply, that is our maximum commitment to quality in the Grávalos Group.

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Do you need support to validate your product and perform all the necessary tests before manufacturing and launch?

Don’t worry and leave it in our hands. We perform the necessary tests, such as leak tests or tests in special laboratories for the specific tests you need, so that you have all the guarantees that your product will be perfect in every detail.

Rest assured that, at all times, we will remain at your side, attending to any new needs that may arise, providing the necessary means to manage them in an agile and efficient manner.


The launch phase is the result of all previous phases, including the pre-design phase, where we ensure that validation and capability assurance milestones are met prior to mass production.

As a result of the full involvement of expert teams in each of the manufacturing phases, the use of state-of-the-art technology and a coordination 100% focused on your project, you will obtain the technical quality you want for you and your products, within the deadlines set.

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Life series

The start of mass production of your product opens a new phase, in which we accompany you to deal with any changes that may be necessary, as well as to avoid obsolete products.

In the Grávalos Group you will have an interlocutor accompanying you also in this phase, as in all the previous ones, because we understand that excellence is only achieved not only with the most advanced technologies and the best equipment, but also through an impeccable human treatment.

This humanization within highly technological processes is something that, as we know from experience, has a very positive impact both on communication and dealings with you, as well as on the achievement of increasingly higher goals.

Why choose us?

We make technical injection and induction parts, through complete solutions ranging from initial analysis, industrialization and homologation, to final manufacturing and transportation to any location.

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We maintain the same interlocutor throughout the project lifecycle



Highest level of machinery and technology in all processes

Development Partner


Our entire team is specialized in what they do



Throughout more than 75 years of experience, we have been able to acquire a wide experience in the processing of engineering thermoplastics, which allows us to satisfy highly demanding and complex requirements from our customers.

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We manufacture your products through the most demanding processes and we accompany you throughout the process. Do you want to know how?

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