Technical part injection


Grávalos Group has more than 70 injection molding machines, with clamping forces from 30 to 550 TN and over-injection and bi-injection technologies, which allows us to respond to a wide variety of needs from our customers.

This is a critical phase that has a direct impact on the quality, durability and performance of the product and guarantees the technical quality you want for your parts or complete projects: that which will meet your requirements and those of your customers.


The injection technique itself consists of melting the thermoplastic material, which is supplied by the manufacturers in pellets, in such a way that it can flow and be injected into the cavity of a mold and carry the negative reproduction of the part to be manufactured.

In this way, we achieve:

  • Give each injected part its exact shape and dimensions
  • Economical production process and short delivery times
  • Remarkable strength properties, even with small wall thicknesses
  • Repeatability in production runs.
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Aware that the injection phase is, with all its importance, one of the phases that make up the complete production process, we remind you that, from the Grávalos Group, we will accompany you during all the phases to respond to any need or modification that may occur in each one of them. And we will always do it through the same interlocutor.

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Opening of the first subsidiary in poland

Increase of the company’s production capacity at international level, starting to implement filter technologies close to the consumer plants and bi-component injection. …

Why choose us?

We make technical injection and induction parts, through complete solutions ranging from initial analysis, industrialization and homologation, to final manufacturing and transportation to any location.

Technical part injection


We maintain the same interlocutor throughout the project lifecycle



Highest level of machinery and technology in all processes

Technical part injection


Our entire team is specialized in what they do



Throughout more than 75 years of experience, we have been able to acquire a wide experience in the processing of engineering thermoplastics, which allows us to satisfy highly demanding and complex requirements from our customers.

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