Opening of the first subsidiary in poland


Extend the company’s production capacity internationally, starting to implement filter technologies close to consumer plants and bi-component injection.



In 2004, the Grávalos family began its commitment to the internalization of the brand, establishing its first subsidiary in Poland.

The city of Lodz, in the process of growth and industrialization, was chosen as the ideal location to build the 10,000 square meters of our first factory, strategically located in order to favor productive and logistic synergies with Eastern Europe.

Result and profit

Several years later, we are proud to show our perfect integration into new social areas, the pioneering 2K bi-injection technology that was introduced at the time, and the extraordinary corporate reception of our pioneering project on site.

Today we enjoy a new factory built on more than 20,000 square meters and a technical and human team at the forefront of the country.

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