Looking to the future with a new corporate image

From the Grávalos Group we want to share our new corporate image, in line with the excellent position we hold in the industrial sector and an important projection for the future, without losing the roots and signs of identity that make us recognizable after more than 75 years of activity.

This visual identity is materialized in an elegant, modern and at the same time familiar logo in which the characteristic orange color of our old logo has been maintained in the hook of the letter G. A small and touching wink, reflecting the pride for every step taken and decision made since our beginnings.

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The transformation continues on a new website which has been completely designed and programmed from scratch. With a clean designa fresh color palette and a intuitive and smooth navigationoffers as a welcome an impeccably produced videoThe Group’s human and technological potential, our passion for innovation and reflects the daily activity of the head office in El Burgo de Ebro.

It is translated into 4 languages (English, French, German and Polish) in response to the great demand for our services to international clients, to which our offices in Morocco and Poland contribute significantly.

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Moving on to the contents, the web site is offers information about our history and trajectorythe different processes in the manufacture of plastic injection molding and induction molding technical parts and abundant information, as well as the valuable technical information for professionalsin addition to a news channel to keep up to date with all the news of the group and the sector.

This image, which is now part of the Grávalos Group’s DNA, coincides with a key moment in its history, marked by its winning of the prestigious Bosch Global Supplier Award from the Bosch Group. One of the world’s leading technology and services companies, which honors only a few of its more than 35,000 suppliers worldwide with this award.

blog gravalos bosch global supplier award

Thus, the purpose “Technical excellence, human excellence”, which guides all the group’s activities, is reflected in a new contemporary and honest image, which looks to the future without losing sight of the hard work that, generation after generation, has managed to place the company in a privileged position.

At present, the Grávalos group is managed by the third generation of the family under the leadership of Joaquín and Jorge Grávalos.

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