Received the prestigious Bosch Global Supplier Award

Today, July 14, is a very special day for all of us, as Joaquín and Jorge Grávalos, the group’s owner-partners, have received the prestigious Bosch Global Supplier Award from the Bosch Group.

Receiving this award, given every two years by one of the world’s leading technology and service providers, is much more than an accolade. It is the recognition of a family business that, for three generations, has made every effort to achieve excellence in each process and in each product, growing more and more, and going further and further. If being a Bosch supplier is already a source of pride for us, receiving this award is a privilege for which we want to give our heartfelt thanks to the German multinational for everything it means.


Arne Flemming, head of supply chain management at Bosch, says: “Our award winners have impressed us with their outstanding performance in manufacturing and supply of raw materials, products and services. Especially in terms of quality, cost and sustainability, we consider them leaders.”

Joaquín and Jorge take this opportunity to dedicate this award to each and every one of the group’s employees who, thanks to their effort, dedication and daily involvement, have made possible the arrival of a day like today that will undoubtedly be marked in the company’s history.

In his own words, “this award belongs not only to the organization, but to each and every one of you, also to those who are no longer with us. Together, we have reached a significant milestone and this drives us to continue working hard to stay at the top of our industry..”

With the joy and pride of having been awarded the Bosch Global Supplier Awardnot only have we obtained the confirmation of following an exemplary trajectory, but we are at the right time of looking to the future with the illusion of reaching new goals and overcome new challenges to achieve surprising results.

  • Bosch has approximately 35,000 suppliers, of which only 46 have been selected to receive this award. For all that this means, today is a key day in the history of the Grávalos group.
  • Today, 77 years after its foundation, the Grávalos group is a multinational company with sites in Poland and the Moroccan free trade zone, employing more than 500 people.

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