We participate in the IX ESIC 2023 Company Race

On December 17 took place the IX ESIC 2023 Company RaceThe event was a great success, bringing together more than 4,500 people and almost 400 companies, including the Grávalos Group.

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From here we want to send a very special congratulations to our first classified, the Gladiators team formed by Lua Perez, Sandra Cordeiro and Rogelio Cameo, who reached the finish line in a time of 37:56.

▪︎ One of the peculiarities of this 8 km race is that it highlights companionship, effort and teamwork, values that are firmly embedded in the DNA of the Grávalos group and that make this event a magnificent opportunity to demonstrate them.

Congratulations, champions!

We are part of the clusters:

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